Hello awesome readers!!! Welcome to my very first giveaway!! It has been about six months since i started this blog and i wanted to thank all of my readers. Special thanks to the amazing authors that have agreed to provide the ebooks for this giveaway! Click on each cover to view the goodreads summary and my review! PLEASE READ THROUGH THIS POST BEFORE ENTERING THE GIVEAWAY

Here are the amazing books up for grabs!!




-Black Mage, The Healer and Hidden Deep will be sent to you directly by the authors. I will give them the winner’s email and they will send it, you should get it within the week 🙂

-Phantom’s Dance will be gifted to you by Stephanie from Bookfever via amazon/smashwords. I will supply her with the winner’s email.

-So i will be sending 8 of those amazing boox!!


-The mandatory step is to comment leaving your email address and the format you want..please do this! You cannot unlock bonus entries if you don’t!

-Share this giveaway as much as you can and don’t forget to follow these awesome authors 😀 !!!          

Gothic text from pookatoo.com

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  1. All of them look interesting but "Hidden Deep" caught my eye for sure and would definitely want to read – my email is jody.714@hotmail.com and I would want the ebooks in kindle or mobi format if I win – keeping fingers and toes crossed

  2. The Black Mage has a pretty interesting cover and sounds good, I'd rather not share my email publicly and I read in Kindle or Mobi format. Thanks for the chance!

  3. Ooh, The Black Mage looks interesting! I won't share email publicly either but you can find me here
    http://kristinravelle.blogspot.ca/ and there is a Contact Me form on my first page. PDF is good if I have a chance. Best of everything!

  4. Based on the cover, I'll choose Hidden Deep! I read .mobi, Kindle is the best!!
    Sorry, I don't post my email, but you can find me on G+ or check my blog: http://romorrorfangirl.blogspot.com.ar/
    Thanks for the chance!!

  5. thanks for entering 😛 !

  6. awesome , good luck !!

  7. best of luck :P!

  8. I'll choose Onyx Moon, because the cover it's amazing and your review it's so interesting! My email is: kamisama.dg@gmail.com and the .mobi format will be great for me! Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. Happy 6 month blogoversary!! I am looking forward to Forever Bound! The cover is gorgeous! I've read Hidden Deep and Black Mage! I Absolutely loved Black Mage! (:

    jennpearl007@gmail.com & I read in mobi

    Pearl @ AsteriskPearl's Book Blog

  10. The cover of Forever Bound is gorgeous so I'm intrigued to see what it's about! You can see my email on the entry form and also on the review policy page on my blog Enchanted by YA 🙂 I've got my fingers crossed! And usually I read in mobi format

    Most recent post on Enchanted by YA: http://enchantedbyya.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/www-wednesday-1.html

  11. I love the idea of getting to read all these books!!

    Based on the covers, Hidden Deep has me, but Onyx Moon is a close second!

    pixiescanread@gmail.com – Mobi please

    Danielle @ Reading, Writing, and What Not – http://pixiescanread.blogspot.com/

  12. They are all great! I'm looking forward to reading Hidden deep by Amy Patrick.
    mobi please!

  13. Thanks for the great ebooks. You can check out a great ebook for young people here as well. http://mcqueenwrites.blogspot.jp/p/exorcist-chapter.html

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