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RELEASE DATE: August 6th 2007
PUBLISHER: Simon & Schuster children books

Goodreads Summary

When pixie Kaye declares herself to Roiben on the day of his coronation, he is forced to send her on a seemingly impossible quest. Now Kaye is forbidden to see or speak to him unless she can find the one thing she knows doesn’t exist: a faerie who can tell a lie.


This book pretty much rocked! I loved dwelling back into Holly Black’s dark  world of faerie.

Roiben is ready to sit on the throne of the Unseelie court. Kaye is living with her grandmother and will do anything to attend his coronation. However being from the Seelie court, Roiben’s court does not fully approve of her so during his coronation, two women approach her and tell her that she has to declare her love to Roiben formally to become his consort.Kaye does so and Roiben is obliged to give her a task and if she fulfills it then they can be together, she can’t see him until she does. And the quest is….drum roll please!!

Find a faerie that can lie! Impossible right? Or is it?

While Kaye struggles to solve her task, Corny is doing his own damage. He’s trying to find a way to protect himself but lets just say his methods gets him cursed! In the meantime, the seelie queen is attacking the unseelie while they have not risen to full power yet.

There’s a lot of questions about if we should read Valiant before reading Ironside..i haven’t read Valiant but  from what i’ve heard, it’s in the same world but totally different characters. ironside picks up straight from Tithe so there was no missing details or anything like that.

I loved this book much more than the first one although it did drag on at times. I kinda expected a quest and adventure but it was much more focused on the fact that the seelie queen wanted Kaye and the answer to the riddle just seemed to stumble on her. 

It sometimes felt like Kaye was the second character and Corny was the main. Everything seemed to be centered on him and Kaye was just tagging along. I sometimes didn’t really understand why he seemed so addicted to Faerie and then there were things he’d do that would just make him outright nasty…

But i did enjoy this book way better than the first one. I think Holly Black is an amazing writer in the sense that she creates unique and dark atmospheres. Her writing is definitely beautiful but i’m just not sure i feel for the characters except for Roiben….

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