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 Goodreads summary (unavailable)         5 STARS!!!


Kim Cormack has done it again with this thrilling novel! I can honestly say i loved this book more than the first one!

Book 1 was so emotionally gripping i almost bawled but book 2 did not disappoint! Kayn is now eighteen and a member of clan Ankh. But she struggles with her newly found duties. Along with that, she is mourning the loss of her love, Kevin, to clan Triad. She’s in constant battle with herself-should she let her best friend and love go or should she cling to his memory in hope that one day all would be well? Kevin had his memory wiped when he joined Triad and all his dreams seem to be of this mysterious blonde girl, but who is she? Why can’t he remember?

This book felt like a book on self-discovery. Kayn really grows in this one and i kept remembering her form the last book and i felt her ease with her new friends. Her friendships grow in Ankh as she forges stronger bonds with each of the members every day. I felt her character was much more mature for example after all the loss she’d gone through, she still had to lose Matt(her  brother) but she understood why. I kinda missed his over protectiveness in this book, it was really sad to see him go. I did however adore Grey in this book! I really felt the sibling connection between him and Kayn. I loved the new characters as well-all different but all amazing

Let’s talk about Frost! For one, i was absolutely thrilled to have seen more of him in this novel. I adore him so much!!Kayn struggles with her feelings for him. Now that she’s merged with her twin, it seems that her sister’s emotions have become her own. But how does she differentiate her feelings from that of her sister?? I don’t know if Kayn is destined for love but she sure as hell is destined to be an amazing character in all the series to come.

This book often left me gasping when the unexpected happened. It’s that feeling you get when you read a book and you’re reading through a tense moment. You flip the page faster and faster because the tension is so high and then you have to read it all again to make sure you read it right. I loved that last paragraph of the book! It felt so confident and affirming as Kayn finally finds out who she was meant to be. She’s grown so much and i’m sure she has so much stuff left to learn.

This book has it all, nail-biting sensations, love, action, friendship, intrigue, heartbreak and even some funny moments. Kim Cormack keeps adding new unique characters to her books and they all form part of this giant family that you can’t help but love and envy! One thing is for sure, Kim Cormack is one heck of an amazing emotional writer!!!!

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