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POISON HEART                                                                                       BY S.B. HAYES

Goodreads Summary                                      5 STARS!!!

From the moment Katy sees Genevieve’s beautiful face staring at her from a window, her life will never be the same. Wherever Katy turns, Genevieve is there – at school, with Katy’s friends, and worst of all, in Katy’s hot new boyfriend’s life.

But Genevieve has a menacing side, a dangerous side, a threatening side that she only reveals to Katy: I’m your worst nightmare.

When Genevieve’s behaviour becomes increasingly twisted, Katy delves into the girl’s past, with the help of her best friend Luke. Nothing prepares her for the dark truths that she discovers, or the new romance she finds along the way. Is Genevieve a troubled girl with a difficult childhood? Or is the truth unearthly and much more frightening?
Who is the real Genevieve?
What are her secrets?
Why is she determined to destroy Katy’s life?
A rich, twisting thriller of friendship, love and evil that you’ll find impossible to put down.


Katy’s life is just starting to be perfect when her crush asks her out. That is until she looks out of the window and finds a girl staring back at her. The girl seems to be everywhere she is, on her street, at a fair and she even manages to get inside her house. Katy is sure she has a stalker so when her new boyfriend introduces her to that girl she starts to get worried about he relationship.

No matter how much Genevieve manages to appear like a wounded animal next to her friends, Kay knows something is up. Especially when she says weird stuff to Katy like, ‘I’m going to steal your life’, This is a side she shows only to Katy as she starts to break her friendships. She enrolls at her college, flirts with her boyfriend and takes the same classes as her.

Katy’s life has become a big mess and the only one who believes and sticks to her side, is her twenty one year old best friend/neighbor Luke.Together they dig deeper into Genevieve’s past and they discover something that runs much deeper than teenage jealousy. You see their love evolve from friendship and they were just so sweet!!!

There were so many twists and i kept wondering what the freak Genevieve could have against Katy. It was a beautifully twisted standalone novel that made me shiver form time to time! LOVE this creepy book!

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  1. This sounds super intriguing! Thank you for the awesome review! Adding it to my TBR now! (:

    Pearl @ AsteriskPearl's Book Blog

  2. awesome! Thanks for commenting 🙂

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