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hello fellow book lovers!!! So i don’t have a book review today but i’m trying to post something as often as possible! So today we’re gonna talk about VAMP books!

So i’m guessing the first thing most of you think when you hear ‘vampire’is twilight right? And i haven’t actually read it because of the mixed reviews so i don’t think i’ll ever pick up this series,,, 
Though i did try THE HOST by Stephanie Meyer which i absolutely adored! Click here if you want to check it out on Goodreads!

Okay back to the topic now! So today, i’m going to be talking about one vampire series which you may or may not have heard of but be sure to leave comments about Vamp books you’ve read!
Okay so first of all i’d like to mention one of my favorite series which i’ve read more then five times, and that’s the EVERNIGHT series by CLAUDIA GRAY

SO EVERNIGHT is about vampires, wraiths and vampire hunters.This series was totally original and so surprising. Firstly you don’t have the obvious werewolf/vampire thing that most books have going on. Here you have a wraith/vampire thing. Lol i’m just rereading this and laughing at how how i’m calling it ‘thing’. The reason being that wraiths hate vampires because they have what they don’t; a physical body. While vamps hate wraiths because they have what they don’t a soul! I just thought it was genius because i’ve never seen a book with that explanation. It’s a simple idea really but something that makes a lot of sense and the fact that the author managed to stem a story through that simple statement pretty much astounded me!

Around page sixty i got the shock of my life. Gray does an amazing job at confusing the reader about who the vampire really is. I was so sure i knew who the vampire was but then at page sixty i was like-whhaaaaaaattttttt innnn the woooorrllld just frickin happened? I read that page six times to make sure i got it write!!! There are more shocking betrayals throughout the book that were really heart stopping.

The romance was beautifully written throughout the books and well balanced with the action and plot, I loved the characters especially Bianca, she was a normal teenager who did stupid things and acted up with her parents but i liked that she wasn’t perfect. It’s so much easier to make a connection with a character that way because they are more humane, plus she was very sweet and kind. 

The last book, Afterlife has to be my favorite. There is an epic twist in Hourglass but Afterlife brought it all back together and had a beautiful and bittersweet finish! 

Balthazar is a companion stand alone novel to the series, You can definitely read it without reading the EVERNIGHT series! Bianca does make a few appearances in this book and i was so happy to see her again! But it mainly follows Balthazar’s story. He’s an extremely old, powerful, good looking vampire who’d once been in love with Bianca. He’d thought he’d finally found the girl he’d be with after all those years alone but Bianca was in love with Lucas. This story is about he finds THE girl, a mortal names Skye who also appears quite a lot of times in the EVERNIGHT series and plays a  big part in the finale. Loads of action in this book with vengeful vamps and a love that blooms under difficult circumstances.

This series has it all. Romance, tons of action, mystery, shocking revelations, psychotic vamps, wraiths, vampires, laughs, tears, cliffhangers, traitors with a tiny little bit of teen drama! This is definitely a page-turner so pick it up of you’re interested!!!

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  1. You also love The Host? Me too! Back when it came out I was obsessed with it. I wasn't a fan of the movie, though…

    I haven't read the Evernight series but it sounds pretty good. I'm always interested in vampire series. Might have to check this series out!

  2. yeah the movie could have been so much better but it was still ok to watch 🙂 hope you pick it up!

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