COME AND GET ME (BOOK 6 IN THE KEATYN CHRONICLES)                                                                                                                      BY JILLIAN DODD

Goodreads Summary                                     3.5 STARS!!!

Will Keatyn get her life back? 
And if she does, which life will she choose? 

This is the 6th and final book in the series.


Okay the goodreads summary doesn’t give out much so i’ll recap the first five books without spoilers. The series is centered on Keatyn Douglas, the daughter of the famous movie star Abby Johnston. She lives the perfect elite life with designer clothes, parties, a step dad who she loves like a father and four adorable baby sisters. She;’s living the life in Malibu;surfing every morning with her crush, 

But everything changes when someones starts stalking her, The stalker stars to threaten her whole life and within the following books we see Keatyn’s struggle to stay out of the public eye to keep her family face. She goes to a boarding school where she hides her identity and meets DROOL worthy boys (I’m a fan of the Johnston brothers!!! and meets the love of her life, But she knows that if ever her stalker finds out where she is, je’ll kill everyone she hold dear and take her away.

This was the long awaited finale to this series-i’m sad to say i’m kinda disappointed. I mean, i was happy with the ending and all. I love that Keatyn was tired of hiding and started fighting back once and for all-she starts to take measures to get her life back on track. But i expected so much more of a showdown for the sixth book in a series. I mean this was a real psycho- i just expected more action, more shocking revelations, just more stuff to happen. It just seemed bland to me, i wasn’t gripping my chair to find out what happens next of anything, For a final book like this, i think it should have focused more on the stalker part than teenage drama..

So i think the finale could have been much better thought out but the epilogue was pretty cool and sweet. Of course not everyone got their happy ending and i was sad to say goodbye to some characters….

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