REIGN (AN UNFORTUNATE FAIRY TALE BOOK 4)                                              BY CHANDA HANH

Goodreads Summary                                      4.5 STARS!!!

Going to the Fae plane against Jared’s orders has cost Mina dearly. Her decision continues to haunt her as a new danger surfaces. The Grimms are fading. 
To save her family’s future, Mina Grime will have to travel to the past with the help of her Fae Godmother and a magic pair of shoes. 
She must go to where the Story first began, to the beginning of the dark prince’s reign. But can she finish her quest before her time runs out or will she be trapped in the past forever?


I couldn’t wait to read this book after that epic finale in the previous book! We see how much Mina has evolved in this book and how much of a strong protagonist she really is. Nan and ever have developed a weird but hilarious friendship as well as Nix who i can’t help but adore!

So in this book, the main plot is that the Grimm’s have started to fade-vanish and cease to exist and Mina has to travel back in time to the very beginning and find out what is causing all this. The author amazed me with that travel to the past, we see how the Grimoire was created and how Teague became Jared and most importantly , WHY??

The thing i didn’t really like was Mina’s love life. I mean she was in love with Jared and literally s few weeks after she’s back with Brody? If she was actually in real love with Jared she should have been sa-not depressed-but sad. And i could’t help but falling for Teague even though he’s supposedly ‘evil’.

He does save Mina a couple of times and she keeps referring that she sees his eyes turn grey sometimes and i keep thinking Jared is still in there. When she goes in the past,, we see the real Teague. The sweet, playful and strong personality that resembles Jared. I feel so sorry for him because he’s cruel just because he felt betrayed by the girl he loved. The connection between Teague and Mina was just so sizzling- don’t know how she could even think about Brody.

We also see the pre-goth phase of Ever when Mina goes back in the past. Something that left me completely astounded!

This book left me in awe of Teague and Mina’s history and i have no doubt they’ll end up together-i just really hope Chanda Hahn thinks like me and gets Brody out of the picture in a nice way though!!

Now i just have to wait till june 8th for book 5
no problem-it’s not like i’m biting my nails off in anticipation…

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  1. Fabulous review, I'm glad you loved this book as much as I did! This series has a special place in my heart so I'm dying of anticipation for the conclusion and I'll be satisfied so long as Mina ends up with Jared/Teague and Brody is out of the picture… like far, far out…

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  2. yep like you said earlier great minds think alike!!! 😀 TEAM TEAGUE!!!

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