TITLE: Aflame
AUTHOR: N. M. Bello
SERIES: Book 1 
PUBLICATION DATE: January 28 2015
PUBLISHER: Troubador Publishing LTD
SOURCE: Netgalley ARC

Goodreads Summary

Zara is the princess of Garimu, a kingdom where the people can absorb the elements and wield them as they please. Strong-willed yet naive, she is the strongest wielder to be born in generations. 

Johar is the solemn and responsible prince of Birin. He is engaged to be married and is preparing to ascend to the throne of his kingdom. 

Through a twist of fate, these two very different people are brought together as the survival of both of their kingdoms hangs in the balance. Can Zara and Johar put their differences aside in order to save their homes from the catastrophe that is about to befall them? 

Aflame is a thrilling story of love, sacrifice and growing up. The book is the perfect read for young adults, who will enjoy watching the characters change and grow with their experiences.


Zara’s kingdom can wield elements, But more than that, the royal family is gifted with a few fortellings. So when Zara’s father has a vision of a dark hooded figure absorbing the powers that had been stored in a guarded sphere, he sees his daughter and a neighboring prince married and the only ones able to stop the evil spreading. So he takes an angry Zara to the kingdom of Birin where she is to meet her future husband. Together they embark on a quest of self discovery to combat the evil that is to come.

Zara was a real brat at the beginning. She was over confident and very vain but the more she explained her case the more she grew on me. She stubborn and is used to getting her way. She’s always ready to fight back to anyone who stands against her which explains her continuous bewilderment when Johar never opposes her.

Johar was a selfless and sweet male lead. I honestly thought he was fit to be a king. He always, always, put the safety of his people first; even his guards. When he was previously engaged, he though about how his wife would rule if something should happen to him. He never takes risks but plans ahead of time-totally opposite Zara’s impulsive nature. But yeah they did balance each other out pretty well.

Loved to watch their love grow but the book dragged on. I loved all the love between the two but sometimes i found myself skipping paragraphs and i guess i expected more of the fantasy aspect. But it makes an amazing romance book! 

The ending was a bit disappointing, it came out really flat and the pace was quite slow.But i loved the story line and the characters! Can’t wait to find out what happens next!

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