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TITLE: Among The Shrouded
AUTHOR: Amalie Jahn
SERIES: The Prophecy of The Seven Book 1
PUBLICATION DATE: October 29th 2015 
PUBLISHER: Self-published
SOURCE: Free copy from author

What if a group of psychic strangers came together to save the world? 

Mia, Thomas, and Kate have paranormal abilities. 
And a common destiny. 

They just don’t know it yet. 

Mia Rosetti is used to being different, especially since she can tell if people are good or evil just by looking at their auras. 
But when a mysterious (and handsome) stranger walks into her life without one, she starts questioning her power and begins a search to find the true purpose of her gift. 

What she doesn’t know is that aura-less Thomas harbors secrets of his own – an abusive past and the ability to avoid danger. 

Halfway around the world, Kate uses a form of telepathy to provide for her sisters and is excited by the prospect of going to the United States to secure their financial independence. 

None are aware of the ancient prophesy foretelling the birth of seven psychics destine to change the world. Among the Shrouded follows Mia, Thomas and Kate, three unsuspecting strangers whose lives intertwine to reveal the significance of their gifts and the greater purpose of their collective lives.

Mia is the daughter of a well known cop and has earned her place at the police station on her own. That and her special ability to see auras made it pretty easy for her to become a cop. One day when she inspects the line up of suspects she realizes that she cant see the aura of the young and attractive guy and she can’t figure out why…
I don’t usually read adult books and i didn’t actually know this wasn’t a YA book..I kept reading because i couldn’t stop! The book deals with a very touchy and harsh subject matter: women trafficking, It’s pretty horrible to think that these things actually happen in the world and the author breached this subject perfectly and incorporated int her story amazingly well. Seriously kudos for choosing that topic because it isn’t something everyone has the courage to write about and explore!
Mia was a tough cop with a very reckless yet brave character. You couldn’t help but admire her through her dedication and perseverance to solve the case. Thomas was my favorite character. He was broken on so many levels and yet he was just the purest soul ever. His relationship with his foster mom warmed my hear and all the little things he would do for Mia despite his limited means were so cute and heartwarming! The dude was GOLD! Kate i loved her strength-she was such an inspirational character and she really burned brighter than anyone else in the book!
I really liked Mia and Thomas as a couple. It was kinda refreshing to see a girl as the tough one and the boy was just so sweet and shy.The romance for me was spot on and i loved the development and how genuinely committed they were to each other.
My only disagreement with this book was maybe that the prophecy aspect of the plot was barely present in the book. But somehow i get that the author was setting the foundations of the story in the first book and i’;m sure the next will go much more into the paranormal aspect of the story,
I also really enjoyed the action scenes and the chapters from Kate’s POV-she was one of the women who was being trafficked…well not exactly enjoyed( cause that would make me a psycho) but it really left me at the edge of my seat and in constant worry about what was going to happen to her next…
A great book if you’re into adult books and it does have a slight thriller/suspense feel to it. Not what i usually read but i enjoyed it nevertheless! It isn’t a YA book though guys and ONLY for mature audiences like above 16 maybe! But if you’re willing to give it a try then go ahead because it is amazingly interpreted!

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  1. At first I thought this was a YA book until you mentioned it wasn't and I'm actually more intrigued now. I still love YA, but lately I'm leaning more toward adult books so this might be a good one for me. 🙂

  2. i hope you pick it up 😛 i also thought it was YA LOL :p

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