Hello everyone!! So i was watching some Booktube videos and i found the one’s where Booktubers say wich books they have abandoned and i really wanted to share with you guys! Please don’t get offended if it’s a book/series you like but be sure to comment below!

Okay so book 1

A thousand Nights By E.K. Johnston! Okay so i received the ARC from Netgalley a few months back, and i was sooo excited to have been approved because i’ve heard A LOT of hype about this book…But i was just so disappointed. I don’t know if maybe it’s because i’d just finished The Wrath & The Dawn, which is also a retelling (find my review here) and it was just amazing, i couldn’t help but compare it to this book. But ultimately i don’t think that’s the reason because i’ve read loads of different versions of a fairy tale and i do compare them but it doesn’t usually affect my whole view of the book. So basically this book’s plot was super intriguing and super promising, the beginning was okay but i just had such a hard time following the story.  Basically it’s about this King who kills all his wives and he is now at his 300th! (talk about polygamy :3) Yeah so anyway, this girl becomes his 300th wife instead of her sister and whadya know she lives! I had so much trouble relating to any of the characters because first if all they don’t have names-only the king does, not even the female lead. Plus the story seriously dragged on and i just couldn’t go through with it..i couldn’t even type a review…
Then It’s the Delirium series by Lauren Oliver
The concept of a dystopian society where love is said to be a disease is definitely unique and intriguing! I wouldn’t say i ADORED Delirium (Book 1) but i did like it a lot and jumped straight into the next book…*cue headache* It seriously went drastically down from book 1…anyway i made myself read it till the end because i really wanted to know what happened but once i was done i was just so exhausted. The characters had gone completely downhill and so did the story..i did not and i don’t think i ever will rejump into this series…
Then i’ve got the Gemma Doyle Trilogy by Libba Bray
I’ve always wanted to read Libba Bray’s work and i heard that this series was amazing so when i found the first two books at the shop, i got them immediately! I LOVE THEM!! Absolutely amazing books i could not get enough of! So i started saving some money to order book 3 to match my paperback collection (yes i’m one of those people). AND THEN SOMEONE FORGOT TO PUT A SPOILER ALERT ON THEIR REVIEW! I was just browsing some review when i came across a spoiler that literally ripped out my whole interest in book 3 and the series…thank god i hadn’t ordered it yet…i don’t know if i should thank the person for stopping me from wasting my money on something i would be disappointed in or be angry because i can no longer love this series like i once did.. So yeah i am abandoning book 3 because i know if i do read it it will totally taint my views on the first two books…
The next one, i’m sure a lot of people will hate me for this-and i’m really sorry but i can’t help it!
Yep Shadow and Bone By Leigh Bardugo…
Judging by the HUMONGOUS 5 star ratings for this book on Goodreads, i can imagine your reaction to me right now :3
I won’t say this book was bad, It’s just that i totally lost interest in the ending, i didn’t really care or was particularly excited to find out what happens next so i don’t think i’ll be continuing this..It wasn’t bad, i just couldn’t see that OMIGOD THIS IS GOLD factor that everyone else seems to be seeing in this book…Plus there was this irritating aspect of Vanity that kept resurfacing in the book, having nothing to do with the plot, that kept getting on my nerves. But there is still a chance i might continue in this series but definitely not the coming year..so for now..
Next up, i’m pretty shocked myself because it’s a series by JENNIFER L, ARMENTROUT
I know *slaps forehead* i feel the exact same way, but i can’t help it…
This series is awesome, i was hooked and read it till the beginning of Apollyon.  Then it started to get boring and i just couldn’t keep going so i stopped and totatally forgot the series (compared with the lux series which i’ve read literally more than seven times!) So as i was rereading Obsidian, i thought i should probably give this series a second chance. To refresh my memory-it was a good 1 and half months later, i started the series again, i was again swept up into this awesome universe and absolutely loved it and reconnected with the KICKASS characters! And then when i reached Apollyon i got bored again :3 i just could not keep going..i know, i know there’s only 1 book left i should go through it but i just lost interest completely! And that makes me really sad! But knowing me, in another year i’ll probably give it another try and then stop at Apollyon again so yeah..
There are more books i’;ve given up one, these are just my top 5, comment below and tell me which books/series you’ve given up on! Oh and please if The Grisha Trilogy does actually get better-let me know i might bump it up on my TBR!

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  1. I've only read one of these and finished all three books; the Delirium trilogy. I may start the Grisha series next year if I enjoy Six of Crows, which I'm reading right now.

  2. yeah i heard Six Of Crows is pretty good…i might give that a try then maybe dive back into Grisha..looking forward to hearing your thoughts about it 🙂

  3. The name thing in A Thousand Nights drove me CRAZY. I guess the author must've had a reason for that but I don't know what it is. I read it months before The Wrath and The Dawn so I couldn't compare it at the moment but TWATD is soooo many times better!

    I also never finished the Delirium series. I did love the first book back when I read it (yeaaaars ago) but I never made it to the second book and I don't think I'll ever read it.

    I'm one of those people that loves Shadow and Bone so I do hope you'll pick the series up again sometime. I did like the second book more than the first. I do have to read the last book… so many books so little time!

    And I also hope you'll pick up the Convenant series. It's been up and down for me but overall I do love that series. I love the characters that JLA creates. And I love that Seth got his own spin-off series. Yay.

    I think I might do a post like this one too. I'll totally give you credit for coming up with it, of course. So I hope you won't mind! 😀

  4. Lol of course i don't mind i'm looking forward to seeing your post 😛 Seth was actually my fav character in the series, i was kinda Team Seth all through the books 😛 LOVED TWATD <3!!

  5. Really? ME TOO! Most people hated Seth. And I must admit at some parts I didn't completely like him but in the end I couldn't help but love him. ^_^

  6. yeah it's true sometimes he wasn't my fav person but his attitude was just swoon worthy and i felt like he was more capable of dealing and parring with Alex verbally than Aiden was..and i was kind of swoony for the 2 apollyons to be together thing 😛

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