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TITLE: City Of Shadows
AUTHOR: Pippa Dacosta
SERIES: A London Fae Novel #1
PUBLISHER: Bloomsbury Spark
SOURCE: ARC from author

Alina knows she is not real – the fae queen spun an evil web to create her – but she wants more than to spend her days feeding off humans’ energy to survive. She isn’t content to lose herself in the dangerously attractive Reign. She wants a life of her own making.
Desperate to help the man who saved her life, Alina vows to find his missing sister. Alina is convinced that the general of the Fae Authority plays a part in her disappearance. She infiltrates the organisation and gets close to their strongest fighter. But while Samuel’s tormented soul and masterful touch stirs in Alina a feeling of being human again, her loyalty to Reign makes her Samuel’s enemy. Who should she trust?
This New Adult urban fantasy is packed with action and suspense and will have you yearning for more forbidden fae romance.

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Also can we take a minute to admire these GORGEOUS COVERS for book 1 and 2!!!????

Ever since i read City of Fae, which is the first book in the series, i’ve been addicted to Pippa Dacosta’s writing and her awesome stories! I could not wait to get my hands on the sequel and i’d like to give a million thanks to the author for providing me with an ARC (this does not affect my review in any way!)

Pippa Dacosta has done it again!!!! She’s written an amazing, action-packed story with unexpected twists that just leave you gasping!!! Every single time, and in almost all of Pippa’s books, she literally toys with your mind!! Everything you think is gonna happen? Forget it!! It’s wrong! You think this guy is good? He might be bad-but oh no wait he’s good and vice versa! That’s not to say i didn’t enjoy the book, I LOVED being proven wrong, because man those twists…they already earned a five star from me!

In this book we find out more about the fae and why they’re in London. Basically,  they’ve been sent to Earth as punishment by their world who thinks they’re dead, since then they’ve been cohabiting with the humans-not really a punishment is it?

We get introduced to quite a a few characters like Samuel, Nyx and Kael, whom i really enjoyed getting to know. Like all her other characters, these newbies were fresh, unique and kickass! The world of Faerie was brought up quite a lot and we get snippets of information and details, enough to forge an idea of the world there but still the intrigue remains! Hopefully Alina will go there someday!

And then unfortunately, Shay is back :3 All perfect and graceful and draping herself on Reign :3

I was like

Because Reign and Alina are…

We finally get to know more about what Alina is and what’s happening to her, why she’s what she is..but still..the author leaves us with quite a few questions and we’re still not sure about Alina’s existence..way to make us pine for the next book!

Alina really grew up. She’s still trying to figure out who she is and make her own identity by herself without anyone else trying to dictate her life. Her stubbornness does get her in trouble some
times but you don’t really condemn her in her situation.  She’s so much more than this reporter we net in book 1 an yet she hasn’t reached her true self yet. She also got a whole lot more brave and deadly! Whenever she kicked a bad guy’s ass i was like:

REIGN. OMG HE’S BACK!!! I really missed his superstar arrogance and i was so happy to see him again! I wish we could have had a little more of him but i understand that this wasn’t the novel’s main plot. The ending really leaves way for major expectations! I hope for more of Alina and Reign…and the stakes are so much higher because the biggest battle of all hasn’t happened yet..i am 100% sure the author will deliver an amazing sequel!!! I CANNOT WAIT!

This sequel definitely surpassed my expectations and you guys should all give it a go! Pippa Dacosta is one heck of a story teller!

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  1. Amazing review, Kariny! I'm even more excited to read this book now. I just got the ARC so hopefully I can read it soon. 😀 ♥

  2. thanks you!!!YAY!!! I can't wait to hear your thoughts 😛

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