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A fugitive storyteller running out of time. A prince hiding from his mother. A kingdom on the brink of collapse. A search for a world of magic.

Convinced his tales are true, storyteller Jinji is determined to find the legendary fae realm of Shinac to save his world from a dread lord trying to cross over—before a fatal illness ends Jinji’s life.

Prince Jetekesh is caught between a controlling mother and his affection for his dying father—until he’s kidnapped and forced to journey with a delusional storyteller and a motley band of fugitives in search of a myth.

Hunted by the queen, hindered by a malady, and invaded by an enemy empire, Jinji and Jetekesh race across a crumbling kingdom to find the alleged gate between worlds.

But even if Shinac exists, how can a humble storyteller and deposed prince hope to stand against a devastating evil?


Jinji wanderlust is arrested and taken to the Queen for sharing the tales of Shinac across the lands. One night, when the queen takes an unfathomable decision, Jinji finds himself in league with a spoilt young prince, his guard, a ten year old girl with mysterious abilities and her knight as they race across the kingdoms and become entangled in the thrilling world of magic and the fae.

I didn’t really know where to begin with this review, I haven’t ever quite a read a book like this before…but in a good way!!!

First of all, the way the author weaves her plot line is beautiful and magical. The idea of imparting the lore of the world to readers through a storyteller hunted for his tales is already grabbing enough.

The writing had a poetic ring to it but it was at the same time simple to grasp so you could follow the story really easily. I think my one little thing with this book was that it started off a bit slow and it took a while for me to settle in but once I did, it was an addictive read!

The challenge with writing an epic fantasy comes with keeping a reader tethered to the characters as they explore a new world while not straying too much from the plot. I was a bit wary of how much the POVs shifted in this book simply because I was worried I would get confused between the characters and I would just lose the connection to the plot.

That being said, the author did a spectacular job with the characters! Every POV ran deep so you really got inside the characters head without distancing yourself from the actual plot.

My favourite character is probably Jeterkesh because his POV was so well written. There’s this one particular scene where he experiences grief and the narrative mimics his stream of consciousness and his inner turmoil, I was completely drawn in. There was a lot of depth to him and growth in a sense. He’s not all that likeable in the beginning but as you go through the journey with him, you understand him and I think the author balanced the idea of his youth and how he acted/thought with respect to his position as a prince perfectly!

Side note, I am obsessed with villains and the Blood Prince of the novel who’s intent usurping other kingdoms really really intrigued me! From the very first meeting I was a little obsessed!

Overall, a highly recommended read if you’re looking to immerse yourself into a great and gripping fantasy novel!

About The Author

Writer of fantasy, magic weaver, dragon rider! Having spent the past 20 years devotedly writing fantasy, it’s safe to say M. H. Woodscourt is now more fae than human. All of her fantasy worlds connect with each other in a broad Universe, forged with great love and no small measure of blood, sweat, and tears. When she’s not writing, she’s napping or reading a book with a mug of hot cocoa close at hand while her quirky cat Wynter nibbles her toes.

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