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TITLE: Dark & Twisted Games
AUTHOR: Heidi Acosta
SERIES: Hearts of Faeylon book 1
SOURCE: FREE copy from author in exchange for HONEST review

Goodreads Synopsis

Sixteen-year-old Eden Day, also known as freak, is stuck caring for her alien obsessed aunt after the death of her parents. When she’s not helping her prepare for the next alien invasion, Eden spends her time trying to escape her self-appointed tormentors, listening to her perfect best friend complain about her perfect life, and struggling to write her overdue sports article for her school newspaper … not that she knows anything about sports.

Then two brother’s move into town, turning her boring life completely upside down. Golden boy Cardelain is the talk of town and seems to have set his sights on Eden. But, it’s the dark and elusive Jaxson who has caught her attention. Bound and determined to figure out what secret he is hiding, Eden begins to dig for the truth, but the deeper she digs, the more her life seems to be in danger. Then one night a man with glowing eyes attacks her, everyone thinks she imagined it and is as crazy as her aunt. But, Eden knows she is not crazy and that Jaxson had something to do with the attack. Soon she finds herself involved in a dark game with Jaxson, immersed in a strange and twisted world that nightmares are made of.

Dive into the new Young Adult Parnormal series that will have your heart pounding and keep you guessing until the very end. From the author who brought you the Baby Doll Series comes the first book in the Hearts of Faeylon Series, Dark and Twisted Games.


I’m not going to explain the plot because the synopsis pretty much says it all!

Let’s talk about Eden first. She has got to be one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE protagonists of all time!! Hve you ever felt that you’re exactly like a main character in the book!? Well Eden is exactly like me-not physically but character wise. She has a burning passion for writing and carries a notebook everywhere and instead of solving a math equation she’s thinking of a new story plot (ME!!!!) She’s bullied but she doesn’t give a shit what anyone says about her. You’ll never see her cower in a corner, she’ll stand up for herself. She’s kind of a smart mouth to teachers and everything she says is the kind of stuff i say when i’m with my friends! You know the awkward, babbling type that makes everyone laugh? Well that’s us!!! I just absolutely ADORE her. 

Plot wise this book had me on a rollercoaster. Jaxson was so mysterious and he had some many different personalities, i didn’t know which one was the real Jaxson. I’m not gonna reveal the plot because if i do i won’t stop raving about how AMAZING it is and ruin for all of you! Just know that it is EPICALLY AMAZING. I know, epically isn’t a word but for such an other worldly book, and other worldly word is needed!

I honestly was not expecting this book to be this awesome but it really gripped me! I’ve been reading for a whole day-except to do my math h/w (YAWN!)-just could not put it down! Everything had just the right amount of everything! You never pitied Eden because she’s such a strong character, you find yourself cheering her on and i just found her compassion for aunt so sweet! She had an amazing friend to help and this book was mainly focused on her drive to prove herself not crazy.

I definitely did not foresee any of the turn of events. You definitely won’t either because the intrigue keeps you questioning everything until way after a glimmer of something is revealed but it’s not something you expect! Loved the romance!!!Jaxson=drool+swoon for me! Cliffhanger is killing me, still can’t get over it!!! Cannot WAIT TILL THIS SEQUEL!!!

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  1. Every review I read from you I end up wanting to read…lol But seriously, this book sounds pretty awesome. I want it!

  2. happy to hear that 😀

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