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TITLE: Discovery
AUTHOR: Kristin Ravelle
SERIES: The Iron Web Book 1
PUBLICATION DATE: October 21 2015
PUBLISHER: Self-Published
SOURCE: Free copy from author in exchange for honest review

Goodreads Summary

Bryn’s never been a regular sort of small town Welsh girl. She’s intrigued with ancient manuscripts, scrolls, and arcane secret books. When Penrith University library acquires the mysterious N800 texts, being junior librarian gives her quick access to the texts and she starts to spend all her spare time studying their strange and frightening message.

The very secretive Luxent is also interested in the N800. Daveithe draws Bryn into the underground group as they fear that One Earth Dynamic, the global agency that tracks all human life, has insidious ties to an ancient evil written about in the N800 and they need her help to expose it.

Terrifying secrets about One Earth Dynamic are brought to light when gorgeous OED fugitive, Curran Reithe, runs to Luxent for sanctuary. And Bryn’s strange ability to throw condensed light becomes a weapon in a growing struggle for supremacy between natural earth magic and other worldly forces as new truths emerge.

But Bryn’s rising emotions for Curran and learning the horrifying reality of the OED can only lead down one road, and that goes straight into an ancient and evil web.

Bryn is fascinated by the N800 texts that ate available at the library where she works. She also has a special power, something her grandmother once taught her. She is able to channel her inner light and project it like a lazer and Daveithe wants to recruit her to join the Luxent, a community dedicated to finding out the truth behind the control of the society, the OED. With her birthday nearing, Bryn will have to get her ID from the society and forever become another blip on their radar and live knowing that all her actions are monitored. Bryn’s curiosity drives her to find out what exactly the OED wants before she gets her ID and loses her freedom.

This was a really interesting read with a unique concept. There’s this virus that has been spreading but the only way to destroy them is with Bryn’s light and despite the fact that she is wary of the Luxent, she teaches them her technique. She discovers that the Luxent isn’t some small rebellion but a worldwide network of rebels that work together to find out the truth behind the OED. The questions aren’t answered in this book so you can definitely expect a book filled with suspense and mystery!

I really liked Bryn’s determination and curiosity. She wasn’t just content in letting the OED control her life but rather got involved in a rebellion that her own mother was trying to fight against. The more she spends time with the group, the more she learns about her society and finds out that the OED is an orchestrated network that goes deeper than she could ever had imagined!

As for the side characters, they were pretty well-developed.  They all were unique and added to the plot except for the two male leads. I can’t say it’s a love triangle but Curran, as a the male lead, was a little under-developed. He’s a convict running away from the OED and has recently lost a friend to them and sometimes you could feel his pain but i felt like we didn’t know him enough…that’s my only negative for this book.

The romance was not the main part of the story, it was more of a background idea that the author brought up but i found myself more intrigued with the discoveries than the romance. The ending was definitely cliffhanger-worthy but it was also a perfect solution to all the problems!

 I can’t wait to see how Bryn’s life turns out! I think the second book will focus more on the romance and hopefully we’ll get to know Curran a bit more…other than that it was an entertaining read and fully gripping for dystopian lovers!

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  1. Thank you for the awesome review, Kariny! I do plan on focusing on Curran more and his feelings for Bryn in book 2 and appreciate your point. I'm excited for them to travel to Dinas Affaraon, the magical Druid city where their relationship will grow. 🙂

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