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TITLE: If The Shoe Fits
AUTHOR: Shirley Mccoy
SERIES: Standalone
PUBLISHER: The Wild Rose Press, Inc
SOURCE: Netgalley

A story of three women: two bound by blood, one destined to be queen.
For Celina, the magical night she met her prince ended in disaster, not happily ever after. Held captive by her family, she fears for the kingdom and the prince she loves.
Juliette is shocked to discover the glass slipper worn by Prince William’s true love fits her foot. Now at the palace, she plots to escape the trap she finds herself in. Will the prince’s handsome aide Robert Weston be a help or a hindrance to her plan?
Rosalind is furious she lost her chance for a royal marriage. Left to guard her stepsister, she manages the family estate with an attractive but antagonistic steward who sympathizes with Celina’s plight.
With the kingdom threatened from dark magic within the palace itself, the three sisters must choose where their loyalty lies, with love or with power.

Quick warning-this book has some pretty steamy scenes, so if you’re uncomfortable with that kind of stuff then you might want to skip this! It’s more of a NA than a YA!

This Cinderella retelling was quite original and definitely one to pick up if you’re looking for a quick fantasy standalone. But the book was much more character driven than plot driven and that was slightly bothersome to me. It was the usual evil stepmother who wanted to control the kingdom by getting her daughter to marry the prince. There were elements of magic but not really developed.

My favorite character was Rosalind. At the start she comes off as a despicable character but once you get to know her you come to admire her strength and her intelligence. I think the author did a great job on Rosalind because it’s not that easy to make readers like a villain. There is no redeeming quality at the beginning for Rosalind; she’s jealous and bitter that her mother didn’t choose her to be the prince’s bride. It was excellent character development!

Juliette was more of a wild spirit. She didn’t want to marry a prince and she took on the not-so-bad-sister role. She seemed pretty compassionate since she opposed her mother’s plans and she wasn’t materialistic in the sense that she was not marrying the prince out of greed. It was more out of fear for her mother.

I wish we’d gotten more of Celina because all we know about her is that she fits the Cinderella stereotype with the gentleness and the innocence and the goodness. But her story was kind of in the background…it wasn’t on equal footing with those of her sisters’.

I did really enjoy the bonds between the sisters and the individual love stories. My favorite was of course the love story between Rosalind and Jonathan! Ugh the chemistry between those two!!!! I also loved Lord Robert as a character! HOT DAMN!!!

In the end i’m a teensy bit disappointed…the book had such promise to become a real rich story but it kind of fell flat. Everything was predictable and the reactions of the characters weren’t very realistic. But if you’re looking for a steamy quick romance with cool characters then this may just suit you!

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