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Legend of MeTITLE: Legend Of Me 
AUTHOR: Rebekah L. Purdy 
SERIES: Standalone 
PUBLICATION DATE: September 4 2018
PUBLISHER: Month9Books
RATING: 4 Stars

No one should ever go into the woods alone.
Brielle has grown up listening to tales of a beast that attacks humans, leaving behind only a scattering of bones and limbs. It’s probably the elders’ way of keeping little children in line, but it doesn’t explain her grisly premonitions of blood, claws, and severed heads.
But when Brielle finds a mangled body in the woods, she begins to wonder if the grim stories may actually be true. Soon, Lord Kenrick, Knight of the Crowhurst Order, arrives asking questions about the legendary monster. Brielle’s attraction to him is immediate and undeniable. She volunteers to help him search for clues to the creature’s existence, despite her suspicions about his timing.
As her seventeenth birthday approaches, Brielle’s nightmares worsen and more villagers go missing. If Brielle doesn’t figure out the connection between Kenrick, the beast, and her visions, more people will die. As Brielle falls deeper in love with Kenrick and deeper into the snares of the abominable beast, she’ll become part of a legend so great, no one will ever question its validity again.

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Brielle lives with her grandmother in the outskirts of town but she has trouble fitting in with all rules that are expected of young women. Things take a weird turn after she starts getting bloody visions of a beast attacking villagers. But not long after, the villagers she dreamed about end up dead. With these new killings, her crush, Raul, back in town and the arrival of Lord Kendrick, a knight intent on fighting the beast,  Brielle is thrown into a weave of curses, spells, magic and a truth about the beast that no one could have seen coming.
Okay let’s get the iffy stuff out of the way first. My only criticism is that the beginning was a bit slow and the way the actions were happening was a bit wooden, as in they didn’t really transition smoothly, but after a while the whole story really got its footing. I’m not a huge fan of love triangles. I wasn’t too swept away with the love interests either because there was a a bit too much drama involved when Brielle interacted with each of them. But I kept reading because the plot was really interesting and once you get caught up in the mystery and suspense that the author does a fantastic job at keeping up, there was no putting this book down! 
God the twists and the revelations this book! I can’t even talk about. I was just mind blown. 
Image result for what just happened gif
Also I am really really digging girl-guy friendships!!! Brielle’s relationship with her best friend, Rhyne, was one of the best things in this book! They had really good banter and they protected each other and didn’t care that other people didn’t think it was ‘proper’ for a girl and a boy to spend so much time together alone. 
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I really liked the author’s writing too! It felt like a dark, suspenseful fairytale and it gave off vibes of the Red riding Hood movie with Amanda Seyfried! But I wouldn’t say it’s a retelling exactly, more like a fairy-tale inspired story. 
Overall a really cool read :D! Really recommend it if you want a quick read with a gripping story line! 

Rebekah was born and raised in Michigan where she spent many late nights armed with a good book and a flashlight. She’s lived in Michigan most of her life other than the few years she spent in the U.S. Army. At which time she got a chance to experience Missouri, Kansas, South Carolina, and California.Rebekah has a business degree from University of Phoenix and currently works full time for the court system. In her free time she writes YA stories, anything from YA Fantasy to YA Contemporary Romance. Rebekah also has a big family (6 kids)—she likes to consider her family as the modern day Brady Bunch complete with crazy road trips and game nights.When not hiding at her computer, Rebekah enjoys reading, singing, soccer, swimming, football, camping, playing video games, traveling, and hanging out with her family and gazillion pets.

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