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Lootcrate is a monthly subsciption box featuring awesome anime/tv/gaming/pop culture merchandise for any fan! The Dream Crate idea is absolutely genius because Lootcrate is giving fans the opportunity to fans to create their own crate with no restrictions and is totally based on what they would like to have in a subscription box. So if you’re a fangirl/fanboy or you’re involved in a fandom, Dream Crate is definitely for you!

You can subscribe right here 😛 https://www.lootcrate.com/subscription-crates/gaming

Lootcrate inspired me to create my own Dream Crate! I was immediately ecstatic about this since i’ve never ever gotten a subscription box and i’ve always wanted one! Trying to find and stick to one theme was absolute hell because there were so many things i wanted to do but i settled on YA retellings!

The crates could range from Beauty and The Beast inspired to Mythology retellings! Loads and loads of YA books are based on retellings  and mythology so imagine a monthly crate with one myth/fairy tale featuring corresponding books, art, jewelry and maybe a candle? There could be a Beauty and the Beast one with ACOTAR merchandise, Anna Shoemaker’s art, and a Cruel beauty book maybe? 
I was thinking for days and days about which character i wanted to feature in the box and i settled on Mulan. A few things have inspired this Mulan Crate-firstly the fact that i recently got an ARC of Flame in the Mist -one of the most anticipated YA reads of 2017 by Renée Ahdieh that’s inspired by Mulan! After reading that book (You can find my review here) i just remembered how much i LOVED this other series by Sara B Larson which has a lot of Mulan inspired facts though it’s not set in China! More details about those books below!

So the Mulan trend in this crate-it’s inspired by YA books where the main character has to basically go undercover as a spy/hide as a man and hide her identity.
Books –  Defy series by Sara B. Larson and Flame in the Mist by Renée Ahdieh. The books are pretty thin so they can fit in the box lol 😛 (Click the covers to get redirected to the Goodreads page).
These gorgeous sword earings!

A Mulan Funko-Pop!
A tote bag inspired by Mulan from the Once Upon A Time series! (click the link to go to the shop)
This awesome mug with the MOST AWESOME quote ever!!!! (Click the link to go the shop).
Disney Mulan Quote Mug | Mushu Quote | Dishonor Quote | Disney Quote | Disney Funny Mug

That’s it! Everyone is free to do their own Dream Crate!!! So come on bloggers make your own post and who knows it might actually get turned into an actual subscription box! Don’t forget to share your post on twitter and tag Loot Crate so they can see your amazing creations! And as much as possible try and link back to any Dream Crate posts you saw on the net or appreciated from other bloggers so that everyone gets promoted as much as possible 🙂
So the rules are simple, choose a theme and make your crate! Be as imaginative as you want and make it as crazy as you want but try and make it ABOVE $50! There you go, enjoy and have fun 🙂 Remember to drop down your links here if you decide to make your own post so we can all see it :)!

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