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TITLE: Mysrical-The Deadly Truth
AUTHOR: Michael Weekly
SERIES: The Mystical Series Book 1
PUBLICATION DATE: December 8 2015
PUBLISHER: Limitless Publishing LLC
SOURCE: Free copy from Netgalley

When Eliza Rose found out she was a witch, she thought she’d be casting spells…

However, it turns out Eliza is on her way to becoming a mystical assassin. But first she has to start college with her best friend Dawn Roberts and her feline familiar Jared. If you think college is stressful, try finding your best friend being seduced—nearly to death—by a venomous fairy. Something is horribly wrong, and Eliza must find out what it is.

Knowing who’s who in the Mystical world can be a burden—or save her life…

Murderous mermaids, seductive fairies, and manipulative elves are terrifying enough, but pure witches can become corrupt…and they’re the most dangerous creatures of all. Eliza struggles to discover the source of this chaos, but is repeatedly attacked—and saved by a shadowy figure. On a very personal note, Eliza must learn whether corruption is beginning to claim her mother.

Her strongest ally might be handsome, enigmatic Donovan—but he is hiding a shocking secret…

Donovan wants nothing to do with his old gang—not after the things they’d made him do. But when he meets Eliza, he’s both frustrated by her amateur skills and impressed by her emerging strength, and he feels compelled to help her grow into the assassin she’s meant to be.

Every answer has a price, and there are beings born to corrupt the pure.

Eliza fights to master her skills before it’s too late, while Donovan must determine whether Eliza can be saved…or if she must die to keep her out of the hands of those who would use her powers to reign over all of Mystical.

Michael Weekly has written a super original take on your average witch story. 
The imagery was at times super vivid and  lyrical even, that you felt so completely immersed into this world of magic…and then the writing would just become a little stiff and awkward.
Eliza as a character doesn’t really undergo any development although i liked her awkwardness and she’s a character we can all relate to. But what i really irritated me is that at the very first page of the book, her mother tells her she’s a witch. And that’s fine because it jumps right into the action. What bothered me is that her mother refused to tell her anything else and Eliza just went along with it. I wanted to shake her and make her go after her mother or something!
Faeries. Elves and Mermaids. These creatures are sometimes presented as beautiful and other times super deadly. The scenes where this creatures were used were my favorite because they were really lively, action packed and tension filled! You never knew if they were gonna jump at Eliza or something.
I really really love the broomsticks! It is seriously the most awesome weapon in the book!
However, there were many things that just seemed to vanish from the plot and left you wondering “where the hell did that part go?” there were so many things that stopped making sense, Eliza would say one thing and the next moment she would say another as if she’d never said the first one, She also acted pretty stupid most of the time, especially when it came to her friend. Her reactions to things wasn’t immature just plain dumb as if she didn’t rationalize anything in her head.
I think this book has a lot of potential but i also think the publishing was rushed maybe, because some parts would not make sense at all and leave you completely confused. I’ve got to admit that during some scenes, the author’s writing really shone and took on a whole new style. It really was magical! 

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  1. I don't think this one's for me this year. I love originality, but this one seems to be not all fleshed out and a bit confusing. Still, glad that you were able to like it. Great review!

  2. Great review as always! I might wait to find out more about this book because while it originally caught my interest, the lack of polish so to speak might not be for me. At least your enjoyed your time reading it 🙂
    Enchanted by YA

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