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One Wish Away (Djinn Empire, #1)TITLE: One Wish Away
AUTHOR: Ingrid Seymour
SERIES: Djinn Empire #1
PUBLICATION DATE: February 7 2017
SOURCE: Netgalley ARC

Faris is a Djinn with a secret and Marielle the first master to give him hope. Will she be the one to break his curse? There is no telling. All he really knows is she’s ONE WISH AWAY from breaking his heart.

When Marielle was little, she used to believe Grandpa about his wish-granting Djinn. But now that she’s older, her beliefs have changed, and things like lousy ex-boyfriends and alcoholic fathers have become her reality.

Life isn’t done shattering her truths, though, and when Grandpa dies and the Djinn he warned her never to trust shows up at her doorstep, the world becomes a dangerous, magical place she never knew existed. Reeling for her once-normal life, Marielle soon realizes there’s no going back—not when she’s become part of a mortal conflict between two spell-bound Djinn. Faris—her handsome slave. And Zet—his vengeance-hungry brother. They both want something from her. One, her love. The other one, her life.

Now she’s afraid she will die in love.

One Wish Away is a young adult paranormal romance that will appeal to lovers of Hush Hush, Twilight, and the Fallen series.

Marielle has grown up with tales of the djinn of her grandfather and she’s memorized his rule: The djinn wants to get out and he will trick you’. Now that he’s passed, she’s left in charge of his shop and unfortunately the stone that contains a djinn. A runaway father, a dead mother, a jackass ex boyfriend and now a dead grandfather, Marielle isn’t really in the mood to deal with a magical djinn…

Marielle has trust issues, and i get where she’s coming from with all the dudes in her life being total douches except for her grandpa…But at times i was just confused at what she was doing and why she was doing it…especially her interactions with her friend Maven were a little weird. But in all she was a courageous character and had a stroke of genius in the end! She was quite selfless but not in the conventional way-that made her way more realistic-she struggled with making her wishes and sometimes thought about making selfish ones before she changed her mind. Really mature character!

Faris was quite an interesting character. He had the cocky sexy role down but one thing that was super unique about him was that he was really sensitive. He was easily hurt and he seemed at times quite fragile. I loved the contrast of his endearing and teasing attitude to his insecurities and soft side. He was so sweet and kind!!! I also liked the fact that he hates being a djinn, it’s the first book i’ve read where the djinn hates being a servant and is bitter about it. He did sulk a bit so it ended up being kinda cute when you thought about an immortal djinn sulking!

As for the plot itself, you don’t have to wait at all, from the first few pages you get swept into the action. But i felt that the real plot came a little too late in the story…I would have liked to have seen much more of Zet because he was a really interesting character. And there was quite a rush of explanation at the end. I also hoped we explored more of the djinn world because there are a lot of questions! The whole brother drama between Faris and Zet came a little too late, i wish we’d seen more of that.

There was a great build up to the romance. Marielle wasn’t easily swayed and she kept her head firmly on her shoulders throughout the book. Marielle has really bad experiences with the men in he r life including her father so she’s not that easily won over. She’s distrustful and tends to push everyone away to avoid getting hurt and Faris, with his never ending kindness and sweetness was just what she needed to restore her faith in guys!

Overall it was a quick read but i’m not sure i was gripped by the plot :/ Nevertheless enjoyable!

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