TITLE: Pretty Dancer

AUTHOR: Cora Graham
SERIES: Standalone
PUBLICATION DATE: February 7 2015
PUBLISHER: Self-Published
SOURCE: Free Copy From Author
Goodreads Summary
Meet Lilly – talented dancer, quick mouthed, take no shit tough girl who’s also good at hiding the fact that she’s scared. She doesn’t believe in true love or happily ever afters. Unless you count the unbreakable love she has for her overprotective, bullheaded twin brother, who also happens to be her knight in shining armor – which she doesn’t. 
Kind of hard to love when you can’t trust, and trust was something that got shattered along with the rest of her years ago. A lot was taken from her at a young age. She’s never gotten over it as much as she’s just refused to deal with it. 
The only thing in her entire world that still brings her peace is dancing. Her one and only dream is to dance her way to freedom. That freedom just so happens to be at The Elite Academy of Dance. She’s more than willing to tuck all those dark and nasty things she doesn’t want to think about away, like the darkness that haunts her dreams, and go on pretending, never hoping for anything more – until him.
A story about a girl who pours everything she has into her dancing. Her dream? To get accepted into The Elite Academy of Dance, and spend the rest of her life dancing on stage. To her, that’s easier than dealing with the demons from her past and the scars they left on the person she has become today. A smart mouthed, take no shit, tough girl who’s also scared, lonely, and closed off to accepting anyone new into her heart. 
But in the process of wearing a hole in her ballet slippers, and the help of an ever faithful best friend, her bull headed and overprotective twin brother, and a certain boy who knows how to push her buttons, leaves her wanting for things she never thought she’d want, and just does it for her, she starts to think that maybe, just maybe, there is something more worth fighting her demons for.
This is a story of a girl who fights to make her dream come true. And maybe, just maybe, along the way finds a way to trust again, to love again.
Love, Humor, Passion, Artistry, a story of acceptance. 
Well basically the synopsis says it all. Lilly and Luke are emancipated twins. They look out for each other and Lilly pours herself into dancing to get into her dream school. But she keeps all her sorrows and trauma inside of her until Carter arrives. He becomes Luke’s best friend and is the only one whom Luke doesn’t break his ligament for talking with Lilly. On top of that Luke seems to have told him about their horrible past. But how much has he told him and why does he trust him with his sister?
Lilly is a passionate dancer. She’s my favourite type of heroine, witty, strong and passionate. The way she describes the feelings when she’s dancing, it seems like she’s intoxicated with it. She makes dance something beautiful and you  really feel why she loves it. She is HILARIOUS. Her wit had me smiling through the whole book!
If you’ve read some of my reviews you may have figured out i’m a sucker for sis-bro relationships. Thisone was AMAZING!!Luke and Lilly love each other so much! I almost got a dental carry because of Luke’s sweetness towards Lilly. Aww and when they quarrel like siblings and play pranks on each other!!!just-awwwwww!!!
Carter was a hottie. Mysterious, uber-sweet with a danger vibe radiating off him. He confuses Lilly so much and yet its clear he is so totally into her, then why does he push her away? I think what i loved in this book was the connections. Lilly falls in love with Luke’s bff and he with hers. Anyway Luke and Carter are like fire breathing dragons guarding Lilly. They are super overprotective of her but not in a stiffling manner. I also really enjoyed the friendship with Andrea and Lilly, they make an amazing pair!
Anyway this book was a great YA contemporary book that i recommend all contemporary lovers to try. It’s about a girl who slowly opens up to love and its possibilities while trying to fight the past that keeps interfering.

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