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TITLE: Prince Of Fire
AUTHOR: Megan Linski
SERIES: The Kingsom Saga Book 4
PUBLISHER: Gryfyn Publishing

Thief lord. Wanted criminal. College student.

Zayde Amirmoez is in his last year of college at Ashana University, and he couldn’t be more eager to leave. A talented thief, Zayde makes a living by robbing jewelry stores in order to care for his ailing mother, who grows sicker each passing day.

Then the dreams begin. Zayde’s nightmares echo memories of a land from another time, visions of a mysterious princess who lived two thousand years ago. At the insistence of his annoying history professor, Zayde becomes friends with the beautiful freshman who loves to dance…the girl who looks exactly like the princess in his dreams.

As a dangerous new Dean and his spiteful son take the helm at Ashana University, Zayde learns of the legends of Queen Bennua, which are eerily similar to his nightmares. Could Zayde’s dreams be a coincidence? Or is it possible that Bennua and Zahid have returned, to save Sahrahn once more?

Megan Linski’s Kingdom Saga has become one of my favorite series and the characters have really become three-dimensional. (You can find my review of Book 1 here, Book 2 here and Book 3 here). Needless to say when i found out at the end of book 3, the fourth book would be a modern version of it i was so ecsatic i couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! And it did NOT DISAPPOINT!!
Before i start ranting on the sheer awesomeness of this book, can we please take a moment to appreciate that GORGEOUS COVER THAT REPRESENTS THE BOOK PERFECTLY? Plus i don’t know if i’m the only one but that title really already did it for me!
I think i give two of my stars for the fact that it was in Zahid’s POV, well i should say Zayde. when i read the first page *drools* !
I loved the shift between the present and the memories they shared, bringing back that timeless romance from Bennua and Zahid’s time! It wasn’t a total immersion into the modern world but the author kept bringing back the time of queens and kings through their dreams to remind us where the series originates from!
SHADI IS BACK PEOPLE” The hilarious, snarky genie is back and he gets a whole star because this book wouldn’t have been the same without him, He is a fundamental character in this novels for me and if he hadn’t been there i honestly wouldn’t have enjoyed this book as much.
I was so extremely happy to see Zahid and Bennua again. This is a couple that i love so much and i ship around the world! I was so glad to see them fall in love again and fight for what they wanted! Ugh it was just a PERFECT re connection!
If you read anything from Megan Linski, I recommend this! And if you’ve read the kingdom saga then know that this book blows the whole series out of the water! No cliffhanger so i don’t know if this series is over *PLEASE DON’T BE PLEASE DON’T BE*. Megan Linski’s story telling reels you into a world of magic and love you’ll not want to let go of!

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