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Can we all take a minute to appreciate the beauty that is Maven Calore? I checked goodreads and i saw that a lot of people, i mean a lot, are TEAM MAVEY <3!! so i thought i’d get a discussion going and see on what team everyone is! 

So Maven, why do we like him? I get the feeling that his character is the most developed in the whole book apart from Mare. To what extent can we blame his acts? Yeah he is a jealous guy, yeah he has insecurity issues but wouldn’t you if you hand an older brother who is literally the image of perfection in your father’s eyes? Let’s not forget the fact that Cal is first in line for the throne and all the attention has been on him while Maven seems to just linger in the background.

Despite his betrayal, i keep thinking that somewhere deep inside he did in fact love Mare, because in the end of the book he did say that she could have been his Red Queen, and let’s not forget the extremely rare but present fractures in his evil facade,

“I am the king and you could’ve been my red queen”
“I told you to hide your heart once. You should have listened.”

I can’t really feel the chemistry between Mare and Cal..i don’t know why but i just don’t…Plus since i started reading the book i’ve always had this image of Mare and Maven ruling together and saving the Reds. Who knows maybe Mare will manage to appease Maven, get him over his insecurities and they can rule together! That would certainly make it different from other YA books because no matter which way i look at it, Maven does not come out as purely evil to me. Yes he is evil to a certain extent but he is by far the most humane character who just like the rest of us mere mortals, has insecurities! Plus the idea of a hot bad boy king on the throne is kind of thrilling isn’t it?

 If the author does actually decide to pursue the love story between Mare and Maven then it will be totally unique! The girl does’t always have to fall in love with the perfect boy! I felt like Mare was starting to bring Maven out of his insecurities even though they did get the best of him at a certain point but then i think Mare has the power to bring him back! Because come on we’re dealing with a young king who’s been in the shadow his whole life and Mare was like the spark of electricity that brightens the shadow (him)! 

Other than that, if i remember correctly Mare had acknowledged that Maven had been born to lead. He has the intellect that Cal seems to lack. Cal, don’t get me wrong Cal shippers, is a cool character. But he was a total cliche. The perfect future king who wants to please his father and wants to help his people but is torn between the two, whereas Maven had real character! Yep i’m to the point of gushing!

I also really liked the fact that the author didn’t overdo the “poor me i’m my brother’s shadow” thingy (yes i say ‘thingy’ sometimes). It never felt like Maven was seeking pity, he just was a pitiable character. But then suddenly he breaks that image 

And suddenly he’s this TOTAL BADASS!!

Let’s talk about his betrayal now. Despite that betrayal, i think it made me realize how much i was team Maven! Because despite of everything he did i found myself hating him for it and yet cheering him on because he seriously became the most intriguing and complex character of the book! He really jumped out of the page and took form like a real person for me. When they first introduced the princes and when Mare first met Cal i already knew he was a love interest but i was pretty indifferent to Cal. But when they first talked about Maven..,.

and then i was like

Yeah so to conclude, i don’t know if Mare and Maven have future..although that would be a seriously refreshing and a unique idea. I really hope the author doesn’t follow the YA trend and make Mare fall for the “perfect” prince again. Maven is a BEAUTIFULLY DARK AND BROKEN CHARACTER!  Maven is definitely the winner for me.

Ok i stole this GIF from Rachel E. Carter (SORRY IT’S JUST SO AWESOME I COULDN’T RESIST :D)
All the people who hate Maven this one’s for you! Thanks Rachel for using this awesome GIF!

Are you team Maven or Cal? Comment below and tell me why 😛

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  1. Omgggg!!! I totally agree with u… I was team maven ALL the way!! Since the beginning!!! Cal is totally cliche and if maven and mare don't end up I don't think I'll finish the book because for me, that's the most important part!!! I feel as tho majority and I mean MAJORITY of the people are maven lovers… Would Victoria let us down???

  2. YES A FELLOW TEAM MAVEN <3!!! i'm also getting the impression WAY more people like Maven 😛 I really hope Victoria doesn't stick with the perfect prince thingy! If she actually finds a way to get Maven back in the running then i think this series would be seriously EPIC and totally unique!!

  3. I will always be Team Marven! =0 I really like his character. He is 3 dimensional if you know what I mean. Not to mention he is gorgeous and was sweet. He reminds me a bit of Damon Salvatore/ Will Herondale. He is also really badass and coniving. I really think there is more to him and Cal was so bland and predictable. I really hope Aveyard finds a way to sail my ship. Imagine the loads of character development during the next 3 books… Your review is great and exactly what I think.So what do you hope to see in the next few books?

  4. Okay I can't really say I'm team Maven, because…obviously…but I feel ya. I was really starting to like the strong relationship and trust that had developed between them, even though Mare didn't really have feelings for him at first.

    I mean Cal is great and all, but just too great, ya know? Great twist though. I'm still holding out hope that Maven switches sides somehow.

  5. 1,000,000% team Maven. His character is just so much more dynamic and I am convinced we will see a Warner-esque (of Shatter Me) twist in his future <3 Plus, his lines were just oh-so-good. TEAM MAVEY <3

  6. yeah me too! I loved their evolving relationship <3 i totally agree. Cal seemed way to "convenient" just way too perfect to be real..

  7. TEAM MAVEY ALL THE WAY 😛 !!! I get a feeling more people like Maven anyway so maybe victoria won't let us down 😛

  8. yep i totally agree with where you're coming from! Bland is exactly what i'd use to describe Cal and yeah anyone remotely close to being Damon Salvatore wins my heart 😛 I would love to see more of the Silver world, it was super intriguing. And of course more of Mavey <3 I get a feeling his character will be way more developed and honestly i couldn't really care what happens to Cal or if he even is present in the next books..Oh and i'm also loving Shade for the little while we've seen him so yeah more of him 😛 N u?

  9. Team Maven! 💜

  10. Team Maven! 💜

  11. woohoo!! *high-five* 😛 !!

  12. I hate Maven but love him so sob bad!!! God, he is really extremely hadsome and breakable.

  13. Wise words :P!!!!

  14. Omg couldn't have said it better myself!!!! I'm totally team maven ♡♡<3 and I'm clinging to that drop of desperate hope that he'll return as the sweet guy from the 1st. Don't disappoint us Victoria!

  15. Omg couldn't have said it better myself!!!! I'm totally team maven ♡♡<3 and I'm clinging to that drop of desperate hope that he'll return as the sweet guy from the 1st. Don't disappoint us Victoria!

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