Hello everyone!

So first of all, i’m honored that you might be considering me for a review!

In the past I’ve had some issues with people requesting reviews that do not fit my guidelines, and it’s a bit hard for me to respond to all of them and explain that they do not fit my content. So, if ever I do not get back to you this might be the reason.

If your submissions fit my guidelines, I will get back to you as soon as I can!

To Authors, I think it’s a good idea to research about the bloggers you’re reaching out to for reviews, make sure they do in fact read your genre. It will save you time and lessen the chances of someone not enjoying your book.

Anyways here’s the basics:


  • I always read the books that have been sent to me within two weeks (if any personal issue stops me from completing the book and review within that timeframe I will contact the author and let them know).
  • I always send links to my reviews directly to the senders as soon as i’m done. 
  • I’ve had a few situations when i had a lot of authors seeking reviews as well as ARC’s from netgalley at the same time and if this happens, i let the author know my review will be posted within the next week (not later).
  • My reviews are always HONEST. Positive or negative-i include both in my reviews.
  • I will NOT participate in any form of attack against the author.
  • If a book is unreleased and I am unable to finish it and plan to rate it between 1-2 stars, I will contact the author and try to avoid posting a review. I will however send an email and explain why the book didn’t work for me personally.


  • I read all kinds of YA but i’m not very much into dystopias. I mostly read paranormal, fantasy, historical romance, retellings and contemporary.
  • I am quite interested in getting into the NA book community so I’m definitely accepting these submissions!
  • Please don’t request a review for adult/non-fiction/dystopia books!


I am currently living in Europe so if you’d like to send me a physical copy I’d be glad! get in touch via the contact form and we talk 🙂

I also accept Ebooks (preferably EPUB, MOBI, PDF)!