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Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews.Hey guys! I have some super exciting

books to share with you today :)! Let me know if you’ve read any of them and your thoughts :P!
First up i got Windwitch by Susan Dennard which i have been dying to read! Especially since Merik is on the cover! *swoons*. I loved Truthwitch and now i own them both in glorious hardcovers <3
And the Dark days club and pact by Alison Goodman which i’ve basically seen everywhere and i’ve heard nothing but good things!
I also just received Garden Of Thorns by Amber Mitchell from Entangled Teen!
So a few weeks ago i got hooked on The 100 TV show!!! Do any of you watch it??? I am  Bellarke fan TILL THE END. I LOVE THEM SO DAMN MUCH. But since the TV show isn’t really fulfilling my Bellarke craving i bought the books cause they’re apparently filled with Bellarke! But mark my words people, mark my words. Bellarke is endgame for the tv show. Mark my words.
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Anyways back to the point i own these beautiful paperbacks <3
Also in other news i just wanted to share that i have had THE BEST week of my whole entire life! Overwhelming but still the best! I found out a couple of days ago that i came out first in Literature in English for my a levels in my whole country!!!!!!!! That same day my book mail came! And the very next day i got accepted into Queen Mary’s university in London to study comparative literature!!!! So any Londoners out there???
Anyways hope you guys also had an AMAZING week and enjoy your weekend <3!

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