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Hello people of the bookish world! I found another awesome tag @ my little book blog called the Bedtime Book Tag! okay well hope you enjoy and let me know your thoughts are in the comments!

There are just so many books for this question and it’s impossible to choose only one! It’s seriously impossible, so to mix things up a bit i’ll pick a contemporary and that is The Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom Window by Kirsty Moseley! This is one of my ALL TIME favorite contemporaries which i’ve read so many times! It’s about this girl and her brother who ran away from their abusive dad and the brother is super overprotective. What he doesn’t know is that his best friend, Liam, has been sneaking into his sister’s room since they were kids and holds her until she falls asleep. How could he suspect when they act like they hate each other in front of him! Anyway it’s a beautiful romance but it’s not really a cute and light read, there are some pretty heavy subjects like abuse and all. BUT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I always read this one in one sitting!

I don’t think i’ve ever read a book that has actually made me scared to go to sleep…yet! But this one was pretty creepy and i actually lay awake when i finished it and wondered about this stuff happening to me! So yeah it’s a little scary! Chain Letter by Christopher Pike!!

I was looking forward to this book so much because i did enjoy Alyson Noel’s “The Immortals” series even though a lot of people hated it. It’s true that they did drag on at times but i did like them a lot. Fated, had an AMAZING start and i was immediately swept up but then after four chapters or so, i got extremely bored. I finished it, because i bought it but i was forcing myself hoping that it would get better, annnd it just didn’t. This book had so much promise though and a super cool plot but it just didn’t grip or hold my attention…

Ever since i heard that Pippa Dacosta was releasing a new book in the world of The Veil Series, i immediately started getting antsy. I NEED THIS BOOK SO BAD! Some characters are returning and i’m hoping so bad that Muse and Akil are back, i just want them back!!! The veil series was 5 books long and it wasn’t nearly enough, after i’d finished the box set i was suffering from Akil withdrawal and now i just cannot even wait till i can get my hands on this piece of awesome sauce! I don’t know how i’ll cope until JUNE 2016 *rocks back and forth in a corner*.

THIS QUESTION IS PURE TORTURE!! Book in singular!? Oh Crappy crap crap, i just have so many!! Daemon Black from The Lux series (DUH!!!) Akil from The Veil Series, Ignifex from Cruel Beauty..just so many but i’ll choose someone different for the sake of it! And that is one of my TOP 1 book boyfriends, Irial from The Wicked Lovely Series!!! Dark, gritty and evil he is the king of the dark court and beautifully dark!! I LOVE THIS DUDE! He is in the first book but becomes a main character in Book 2 of the Wicked Lovely series, Ink Exchange, and remains a main character for the rest of the series!

Do i really need to explain why??? Well for starters, what are the odds that for six years of your life you’re entered in a competition where you have to kill or be killed?

I received this book for a blog tour of book 2. This book, this book had the most mindblowing cliffhanger ever. It finishes with one sentence, one sentence that you never see coming, one sentence that literally breaks you apart. My heart literally stopped, i remember very well, when i read that last line. I felt like i hadn’t read it correctly and kept rereading until i was just frozen in shock! (You can find my review for book 1 here and book 2 here). I also remember saying thank you over and over again to my ceiling because i had the ARC of book 2 and was able to start it RIGHT AWAY!

 I received an ARC of this book a few months back. This cover reminds me of darkness, yes i know she’s underwater so obviously it’s dark..but hey if it was daytime the water would have been paler huh, *elbow nudge*. Loved this book so much, there is a kind of love triangle but it isn’t exactly what you think it is. This book was filled with twists and turns you never saw coming and it’s very misleading! You’re in for a suprise! (find my review here) There’s a cliffhanger annnnd we have no indication if there’s even going to be a Book 2…

 This is one of my favorite contemporary reads EVER!!! I don’t even remember the number of times i’ve read this book-it’s just pure AWESOMENESS!! Ellie is this cool, funny tomboy character who’d rather skateboard then use eyeliner and then there’s Seth, her uber hot new neighbor who practices throwing knifes at a dummy in his garage shirtless. Add that to serial killer on the loose who’s killing girls with Ellie’s profile and you get a bunch of awesome twists. turns and mystery! This book played with me, made me believe something one moment and then the opposite the next! I did actually dream about this book after i read it the first time and almost every time after i reread it! And you’ll be sure to laugh a lot with this one! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Well i did encounter a pretty creepy Wendigo in Alyxandra Harvey’s book, Red. *shudders*. (I received an ARC for a blog tour find my review here). Except this one was overly creepy because it behaved a little like a human and it had human trinkets in its hair that would fall everywhere when it moved!

Anyway that’s it! Hope you guys enjoyed and give it a try! Leave me links 😛 !

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