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TITLE: Till Fear Do Us Part
AUTHOR: Michelle Gross
SERIES: A Grim Awakening Novel #1
PUBLICATION DATE: February 24 2016
PUBLISHER: Self-published
SOURCE: Netgalley

How long does it take to change a person’s life from happy to terrifying?How long was I normal before that part of me was taken away? How long would I live in fear after that?
After being attacked by something she can’t explain as a child, Melanie Rose is left with the ability to see ghosts…
and it haunts her everyday life.
It only gets worse the night before her eighteenth birthday. Things that shouldn’t be real, start appearing before her.
The evil that attacked her as a child is back to finally take her life.
Then he appears, a stranger wearing a black leather jacket.
All the unanswered questions she’s had, start to unfold around her.
She soon realizes it’s only the beginning.
Melanie must control her fear before Fear claims her.
Recommended for 18+ due to sexual content in the series and situations that might offend some.

Melanie can see ghosts which makes her kind of a social outcast at school, but luckily her two best friends love and believe her. As her eighteenth birthday draws nearer, she starts to see things that she isn’t supposed to and it all seems connected to the X mark she got when she was a child. Enter Killian, her stalker/protector, the Grim Reaper tasked to protect her from the threats on her life.

Gaaaaaaahhh i don’t really know how i feel about this book…

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I didn’t really like the MC, at first i thought she was okayish. But then she got really boring and quite dumb. I guess i get that sometimes we like a damsel in distress and then the hot male lead swoops in and saves her but too much is too much!!! She was in CONSTANT need of saving and she kept putting everyone in danger. It was like she couldn’t even think for herself, she was perfectly content with being pushed around because she knew there would always be people to save her.

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Killian was drool worthy for sure, As soon as he showed up, i was like Heck Yeah!!!! I found his protective side really alluring and he was by far the most intriguing character in the book!!! I can’t spoil but i did really get swept up in the sub plot around his character. There is a kind of love triangle but i thought that the two male leads were the best characters in the book! So the two stars go to them!

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I wasn’t really swept up in the plot in the beginning. The book started out with a nice flow and it got interesting but then the middle was a bit dull and then it picked up in the last chapters for the climax! I did really like those last chapters and that’s what earns this book a third star!

I still don’t get the whole “vessel” thingy. We find out at the beginning that the MC is a vessel and that demons want her but we don’t know what a vessel is or does. I think the plot could have gone a lot better!!! All we know is that Melanie is special but most of the book was focused on all the characters wanting to sleep with someone! So the story kind of followed that line of thought and we totally left behind the plot at the beginning. I know this is a series and we’ll probably find out more of what Melanie actually is later on but this was too much of a plot deviation for me.

I was kind of put off with the huge amount of grammatical errors! I  don’t mind a few, but when it’s so prominent, it really gets on my nerves, It breaks the flow of the reading and i found myself spending more time correcting the sentences in my head then actually keeping up with the story.

Not really for me so i don’t think i’ll be continuing this series…Or maybe i will because the last part really put a twist on things…but for anyone who wants to give this a try i think it’s still on Netgalley! Maybe some of you guys would enjoy it more than i did  🙂

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  1. Yeah this sounds rather "meh". And grammatical errors annoy me so much in finished books. -.-

  2. ikr! It's a shame this book had so much promise!

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