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TOP TEN 2016

Hey guys!!! It’s December 31 st here in Mauritius and in a few hours it will be the first of January 2017!!!!! This year has gone by SO fast i can hardly believe it! I finished school and 2017 will be university! Unfortunately i can’t say that 2016 went without bumps..it was the hardest year so far because of my studies and i can’t say i read as much as i wanted to…Nevertheless i did read some AMAZING books this year! So today will be the top ten books of 2016 that have become absolute FAVORITES!
So let’s start! This is gonna be a brief listing because i’m quite busy today!! I’ll be doing  a post tomorrow for my 2017 book resolutions so stay tuned! 

Velvet (Velvet, #1)

Crown of Crimson (The Afterlight Chronicles, #1)

                                                Splintered (Splintered, #1)

Kingdom of Ashes (A Wicked Thing, #2)

Rhodi's Light (The Rhodi Saga, #1)

                                                    Truthwitch (The Witchlands, #1)

 Empire of Storms (Throne of Glass, #5)



The Diabolic
Percy Jackson: The Complete Series (Books 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
A Court of Mist and Fury (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #2)

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Merik from Truthwitch by Susan Dennard!!
Jack Deveaux from the Arcana Chronicles by Kresley Cole. OMIGOD THIS DUDE. I WAS LITERALLY SWOONING.

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okay that’s it 😛 Well whatever the timezones hope you guys have an amazing new year’s eve!
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  1. Awesome picks! Splintered also made my list; the writing was just stunning 🙂
    Good luck for university next year, and happy reading for 2017!

  2. Yay, ACOMAF on #1! 😀 Also glad you enjoyed Splintered.

    Happy New Year! ♥

  3. the writing and the world was magical!!! Thanks and same to you 🙂 hope u have an amazing year :P!

  4. ACOMAF was EPIC :p!!!! Same to you <3

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