valentine crazy survey!!

Whassup people of the bookish world! It’s that time of the year again where couples celebrate each other and go out of their way to do something special for one an another. Of course there are the typical cliches of chocolates and roses that have now escalated to extreme things like getting his/her name tattooed on your forearm!

So today i wanted to talk about all our favorite YA couples! So there are lot of couples out there whom we all fawn over and i wanted to know who your favorite couples are in the YA world. Tell me what you like about them and i also want to know, what is your idea of your perfect date and with who? I’ve made a little survey which you just have to copy in the comments and reply! Now the YA guy you choose doesn’t necessarily have to abide by his character. For example, if you choose Daemon Black then you can say he took you for a sweet little moonlight stroll-which i’m sure is not his thing! So make them as crazy as possible, say stupid stuff! This is just a fun thing and there is no such thing as EXAGGERATION!! For example:

Name: Kariny
My YA date: Daemon Black
Why him: He’s funny and there’s never a dull moment with him!
Where are we on valentine’s day?: We are at the cinema watching a horror movie, and we throw popcorn at people to scare the hell out of them!! Then we travel to the underworld in an hour and play pranks on Hades! Then, we take a trip to find Julie Kagawa to ask her when the freak the third book in the call of the forgotten comes out. If she doesn’t know the answer, we find Cassandra the oracle from Josephine Angellini’s novels and get her to make a prediction! (Make this as long as you want! Create a long paragraph about your whole day if you want!!!)
My parents don’t know i’m with the guy but they find out!! What do i do??: Kidnap Magnus Bane, threaten him to stop making googly eyes at Daemon, force him to erase my parent’s memory for the last twelve hours! Oh and wish him and Alec a happy valentine’s day!

So there you go guys! Make it as long as you want and include all the YA characters you want from different books!

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  1. This was pretty fun, Kariny! I kind of wish I had thought about creating a survey like this. But hey, there's always next year, right? Only gotta remember it!

    Name: Stephanie

    My YA date: Michael Merrick (Let's just assume he's single, okay?)

    Why him: Because I'm in love with him. lol! But seriously, I do love him. And although the series he's in is YA, he's 23 years old so that makes him fit more with me since that's my age too! He's such a great character and sweet guy + I'd make him introduce me to his brothers.

    Where are we on valentine's day?: First we'd take a stroll on the beach where we find his brother Chris playing with the water. After talking to Chris we'll hike through the woods where we find his brother Gabriel and his friend Hunter (because in my fantasy he's still alive) taking a shirtless jog (cause you know awesome on the eyes). After that Michael will take my do a bookstore and let me pick out one book for myself and one book that he has to read. After that we head back to Michael's place and have a chat with his brother Nick and his boyfriend Adam. After that we watch a movie, read our books and fall asleep on the cough together. *wink wink*

    My parents don't know i'm with the guy but they find out!! What do i do??: I'd assume my parents would be okay with it. I'd just tell them about him. Besides, who wouldn't love Michael? Nobody! Michael is very lovable!

  2. ooohhh that's a lot of eye candy you've got there!!!Nice one :P!

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