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TITLE: Warriors
AUTHOR: Sarah Noffke
SERIES: The Reverians Book 3
PUBLICATION DATE: October 15 2015
PUBLISHER: One-Twenty-Six Press
SOURCE: Free ARC from Author

Goodreads Summary

Austin Valley appears as it always has, but Em Fuller knows that appearances aren’t what they seem. She knows under the surface, that cracks are starting to form in this seemingly well-manicured society. She’s responsible for creating these cracks and for planting a slow dissension among many of the residents of this once happy city. Broken in a way Em never thought possible, she turns into a well-calculated, strategic leader. With the help of the brightest minds in Austin Valley, Em begins building an army whose only purpose is to protect the population of Austin Valley from their President, Victor Vider. Em firmly believes the success of her army is inevitable, that is until a new blow strikes her heart and she questions whether she has the tenacity to go on.

After the tragic events that took place, Em is more determined than ever to destroy Vider and give Austin Valley its freedom. As her courage grows and her attacks become more effective, Vider starts to fear this simple Defect that has managed to start a rebellion on her own. Armed with her own intellect and determination along with her most trsusted friends, Em will have to rally more residents if she wants to win the fight. But the more she fights, the more she forgets that her wound will not heal unless she opens up to others. Em will grieve, but she will have to accept the fact that she has a purpose and that she will not be able to do it alone.

Em really brought this Rebellion stuff to a whole other level!!! She started with Rogue, Zack, Nona, Parker and Ren. Now? She has dream travellers and humans on her side! Despite being the leader of the group she doesn’t just side around in a high chair and orders everyone around. In fact, Em is the one who does most of the work as she individually tries to break Vider’s mind control over the population. She doesn’t force the dream travellers to join her rebellion, she makes them aware of the fact that they have been brainwashed and gives them a choice; something Vider has stolen from them. Em’s maturity has really surprised me in this book, she really surpassed the idea of being a “Defect”. I also appreciated the fact that no matter how strong and courageous Em became, the author kept reminding us that she is just a teenager and grieves like everyone. She’s not this invincible and untouchable force, Sarah has created a really grounded and relatable character! I am just so proud of Em!!!

The author really made my heart skip a beat numerous times in this book! The action was OFF THE HOOK! Everything was just perfectly orchestrated! They complemented the character’s strengths and weaknesses and defined them more. Nona and Ren <3 True heroes! Needless to say i seriously panicked when i learned that something had happened to them! The writing kept me at the edge of my seat, dreading the next chapters, because you kept having this foreboding feeling that something epic would happen.

Which brings us to the villain, Vider. The action was no less than spectacular but the reason behind that dread you felt when you read the book all rooted from Vider. He was an immensely evil character-more than Snow from Hunger Games! His character had a background, a real depth and a real cruelty that gave him such a powerful image. This in fact made Em appear more courageous to us! So yeah, Vider definitely makes my lift of Best YA Villains!

The romance in the book did not take central position but it was in the background, serving as a reminder of all that Em had lost and all that she could still have.

A breath taking conclusion to a thrilling series! Just when i thought the author couldn’t touch me more with this book, the last two pages broke my heart again and i just felt so happy at that beautiful yet bitter ending! It just really ties everything together for me, just a PERFECT ending that almost teared me up all over again! I will seriously miss these characters…Any lover of dystopians should try this series because believe me, Em Fuller is no less than Katniss Everdeen or Tris Prior!

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